Taste of Home is presented by Chef Jimmy Boswell. 

Hi I am Jimmy Boswell from Auckland, New Zealand.  I am a credited Cookbook Author, TV Presenter, Food Stylist, Food Blogger and first and foremost a Chef.  Getting back to the basics using quality, seasonal fresh ingredients is a passion I hold close to my heart which is reflected in my cooking style and teaching. Being 1/2 Sicilian many of my recipes have a southern Mediterranean focus using fresh, local ingredients.  As you will see from my blogs and other pages I am also a specialist chef in the area of gluten and allergy free recipes and product development. 

Much of my work time is devoted to recipe development supporting my clients products such as Sam Remo Pasta. In 2013 I was appointed their first New Zealand based Brand Advocate. I also work with companies like Countdown, The Gluten Free Store, Wild Appetite, Henderson Fine Foods and other well known brands.


I am well known around the world as “The Gluten Free Chef”. I am a specialist in Gluten Free due to my own personal need to live Gluten Free. I am also a featured presenter at food shows, on TV and speaking at the New Zealand Gluten Free and Allergy Shows.

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