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Braai Maxx – Outdoor BBQ Re-invented

braai-maxx-magnolia-1Over the next 12 months I will be cooking with a Braai Maxx and writing amazing BBQ recipes that will make you the “Toast of the Town”.

I love the way that I have so many interchangeable plates to use and there is just about nothing that I can’t do or cook on this wonderful BBQ. 

Outdoor entertaining is a Kiwi tradition so if you’re wanting for a BBQ that’s more than the usual standard product that’s on the market, then you need to take a closer look at the range of CADAC  Patio BBQs…

The BBQ re-invented, winner of  1st prize at Spoga show, Germany in 2009 for “best innovation in BBQs” category. 

A revolution in outdoor cooking with 2 independent cooking areas that allow for a variety of interchangeable cooking surfaces to be used. 

braaimaxx-surfaces-storage-rack-1• Independent double-skinned dome, insulated with non-stick coating on the inside to assist cleaning. 
• Each dome includes a thermometer. 
• All surfaces are stored under the unit in a storage cabinet.
• Includes a bamboo cutting board that drops into the front handle of the BBQ. 
• 5-jet turbo-burner finely adjustable, includes piezo ignition and flame failure shut off. 
• Two fixed side tables. 
• Storage included for gas bottle. 
• Easy to clean construction with water drains and drainage bucket. 
• Double-skin cabinet doors with magnetic push-release. 
• Available in Magnolia Cream, Charcoal, or Cubanite Silver powder coat. 
• 5kW per burner 
• 1999cm2 cooking area per side 
• Dimensions: 1602L x 627B x 1128H (mm)

DineAid is on again in New Zealand

DineAid-bannerDineAid Is Happening Again in New Zealand 

The Annual DineAid is happening from November 1st during the run up to Christmas and New year. 

Check out the DineAid establishments by visiting the DineAid website. A great way to have fun with friends and help out.

Go out, have a great time! Knowing that simply by having fun in a DineAid restaurant or café your also putting food on the tables of the many thousands of New Zealander’s facing “Low Food Security.

About DineAid 

DineAid encourages everyone when thinking about dining out at this time of year to choose one of their local DineAid restaurants or cafes first. This includes 150 participating restaurants and 200 cafes through out New Zealand. 

I am a huge supporter if this great way for New Zealander’s to contribute $2 when they dine out at DineAid establishments. DINEAID is a charitable initiative started over four years ago by a small group of caring New Zealand restaurateurs to give a helping hand to New Zealanders in need.

Since DINEAID was launched four years ago, restaurants and cafes have raised and distributed $392,481. 

Each year, during November and December they raise money through participating restaurants across New Zealand by adding a voluntary donation of just $2 per table to your restaurant bill to be paid by the bill payer. 100% of this donation goes to the charity. Also what is collected in the North Island stays there as it does in the South Island.