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Alison’s Pantry – Raw Power – New Product Release New Zealand

Raw-Power-1Alison’s Pantry – Raw Power – New Product Release New Zealand 

Gluten-free and Paleo Friendly 

When I saw the new release from Alison’s Pantry, “Raw Power” I got very excited. The first thing that came to mind is that I don’t have to make my own mix that I eat as this has all the ingredients that I would usually use to make my own. 

This mix is great for breakfast with some Greek yoghurt, or Almond milk and is perfect to have on hand mid-morning and afternoon as a healthy snack that will help stabilize blood sugar levels reducing the chance of those afternoon blues when blood sugar drops. 

Having nuts, seeds and dried fruits as a part of our daily diet offers many benefits and one of the most important for me is the way that they help stabilize blood sugar levels and control those sugar lows in our busy lives. They also provide nutrients and minerals important to our daily diet. 

Nuts are packed full of good fats, oils and fibre and natural dried fruits have sugar, nutrients and minerals. We need sugars in out diet and the natural sugars that are found in dried fruits match well with the fats and oils from the nuts to create a stable breakfast and snack meal. 

Raw-Power-webRaw Power mix is a nutrient dense blend of goji berries, raisins, sultanas, coconut chips, Brazil nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, hulled buckwheat along with diced dates and apricot pieces. 

You can find Raw Power from Alison’s Pantry in the self-selection departments at New World’s and Pak’N Save stores through-out New Zealand which is great as you can select as much or as little as you want. 

For more about the health benefits of nuts, seeds and dried fruits visit this post. 

Please note: This post is not a paid post. It is my view and thoughts on the new product Raw Power from Alison’s Pantry

Vanilla Bean Paste Is Magic To My Taste Buds

SD_VB_Paste-1000What about vanilla bean paste? 

In my view vanilla bean paste can be thought of as a great in between option when vanilla is called for in a recipe.

It is essentially a small jar of the scraped-out vanilla pods and you get that super fragrant, sweet vanilla concentrate with the convenience of a quick scoop of the teaspoon. No cutting and scraping the pods. Every time I open the jar I have to have a smell and I am in heaven. 

Vanilla bean pods can be pricey and I use the paste when I don’t need to use pods. I do use the pods when required though. Some recipes are just not right without them. 

My choice of brand is Singing Dog Vanilla. Natural, ethical and available here in New Zealand from Organix Wholefoods Ltd supplied to shops all around the country.  

Check out their range here 

Ok, so how do we convert different Vanilla products? 

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract is equal to one 50mm (2-inch) piece of vanilla bean. This converts to one whole typical vanilla bean will equal 3 teaspoons extract. 

As for vanilla paste, there are usually directions on each jar indicating proper equivalencies, so consult that first as the concentrations can differ. 

Here is how I use the paste from Singing Dog Vanilla. Its thick consistency is similar to molasses, you can use this paste to add more delicious vanilla flavor to batters, sauces and baking without thinning them out. 

To replace vanilla extract in a recipe, simply measure the same amount of Pure Vanilla Bean Paste and add to what you are making. Or, replace one tablespoon of paste for every whole vanilla bean.