Egg Poached In Sparkling Water


Poached-Egg-webWhile visiting AquaSplash In Putaruru where they bottle water from The Te Waihou River I was told that when the water is carbonated to give it a sparkle the ph drops to 4.5 from 7. At the time we were chatting about poaching eggs.

When poaching eggs I add 1tsp white vinegar to lower the ph to about 4 so the egg whites (protein) set and hold their shape.

Today I poached an egg to perfection at Te Waihou Bistro in Te Waihou Reserve Sparkling Water from AquaSplash without adding any vinegar.

TW_SparklingI have googled poaching eggs in sparkling water and have found no reference at all. Maybe a world first. This method will be on the Bistro Brunce menu starting December 13th.

Recipes to come