Runny Egg with Asparagus Solders


Asparagus-egg-webI love this when asparagus is in season and I have some yummy free range eggs in the pantry. For me asparagus and eggs are a match made in heaven. 


1 jumbo free-range egg per person

75g fresh asparagus, stalks trimmed or snapped

Some melted butter

Fine sea salt and fresh ground black pepper to season 


2 thin slices Parma ham (or any other cured ham of your choice) per serve 


Trim the asparagus spears or snap them to remove the woody end. To snap, work with one asparagus spear at a time. Hold an asparagus spear on either end and start to bend it by pulling both ends towards you, each spear will snap off in its own place above the spot where the asparagus turns woody. 

Boil the egg(s) to your liking, I like mine very runny. Drain and dry the egg(s) and place each in a egg cup on a serving plate.  

Poach-steam the asparagus for a couple of minutesmto soften them so they are just cooked and are still a little firm. 

Drain and toss in some melted butter and season to taste. 

Lay the ham in a single layer on a board and place the asparagus onto the ham. Roll up loosely and place next to the egg cup. You can also slice the ham into strips and roll around each asparagus spear. 

Serve and use the asparagus spears to dip in the runny egg as if they are bread soldiers.